Visit Victory Park Pasadena for a Leisurely Day Out

Victory Park Pasadena

Pasadena in California is an area known for its historical role in the Second World War as well as its role as a resort town. As the Second World War progressed, the area became an important location during the Pacific War. A number of technology related companies based themselves in Pasadena of which certain companies still remain. In fact, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory affiliated with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Agency is still based in the area.

Thanks to its rich history, there are a number of activities and attractions that can be found in Pasadena. For golf enthusiasts, the Brookside Golf Course is a place to relax, unwind and enjoy the gentleman’s game whilst if one is travelling with children, put the Kidspace Children’s Museum on your must visit list.

The Victory Park is another attraction that one can make their way to on a leisurely Sunday afternoon. The Park, originally used as a military airfield, is found at the centre of a neighbourhood also known as Victory Park which is bordered by the Orange Grove Boulevard and Altadena Drive. Located on Paloma Street and accessible by metro, the park is home to a number of recreational activities including a gymnasium, a volleyball court, a play area specifically for children, a number of picnic areas and drinking fountains. Most notably, there are facilities for both softball and football complete with lights and bleachers for spectators. Therefore, if you are in California and in the vicinity of the Victory Park, find your way there for a leisurely day out.

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