Top Landmarks in Brazil – South America

Top Landmarks Brazil

On a Brazil trip, virtually in any part of the country that you travel in, you are sure to be impressed by the number and range of amazing sites. This extends to South America: not only does the continent have a sublime landscape and geologically fascinating history, but it also boasts a wealth of manmade creations, both ancient and modern, that captivate most travelers on holidays to Brazil and South America. Whether you are traveling just to Brazil or to multiple countries, here are some highlights around which you can organize your South America tour.

Natural Landmarks

For some inexplicable reason, waterfalls are marvelous. The aesthetics of falling water and rising mists, usually amid a gorgeous natural setting, have the power to enchant and entrance. South America has a few particularly beautiful waterfalls. Top among these is Iguazu Falls, a top choice for many Brazil tour packages. The waterfall system is notable not so much for its height, but rather for its immense width, which stretches for several hundred meters. An Iguazu Falls tour takes you into the falls, giving you a taste of the force of millions of gallons of falling water. You can also travel to Argentina to visit Iguazu.

In other countries, Peru boasts one of the highest waterfalls in the world, the Gocta Falls, located in the Chachapoyas province, which is famous also for the Kuelap ruins. Chile has its own gorgeous waterfall, the VentisqueroColgante, distinctive among waterfalls because the glacier that feeds the fall is visible at the very top, creating a very gorgeous sight. Glaciers indeed are another of South America’s natural wonders and the southern part of the continent hosts an ancient glacier field. Travel to Argentina to see the Perito Moreno Glacier, one of the most accessible in the world, but no less spectacular because of that accessibility. If glaciers are your thing, stick around in the area. With the town of El Calafate as your base, you can visit the many glaciers in the area. Bahia de Onelli is especially amazing because three glaciers have their outlets here.

Man-Made Landmarks

The manmade landmarks that you may see when you travel to Brazil are just as numerous and striking as its natural ones. Going back to Iguazu, upriver is the magnificent Itaipu Dam, one of the largest hydroelectric projects in the world. If you’re on an Iguazu falls tour, it’s definitely worth the detour to see this feat of engineering. Christ the Redeemer statue in Rio de Janeiro, completed in 1931, is another epic landmark that appeals to many on a Brazil trip.

Many of South America’s other historic wonders have much older origins. If your vacation is in Argentina, head to the northwest, a region rich in archaeological treasures, such as the Cueva de las Manos, a cave with ancient handprints and other figures. Further north, a popular Bolivia tour is to Tiwanaku, a pre-Inca site that rivals the more famous Inca Empire in the fineness of its construction. South America’s historic cities are another treasure for history-loving travelers. Cusco in Peru, Quito in Ecuador, and OuroPreto in Brazil are just a few examples of cities replete with fascinating histories.

No matter where you travel in Brazil or South America, a wealth of wonders awaits. With a little research you’ll be able plan out an itinerary that suits your interests.