Travel To South America’s Smallest Country, Suriname

Smallest Country Suriname

The tropical wilderness of Suriname which is also the smallest country of South America is known for its most fascinating natural beauty. The country is quiet and peaceful with a culture which is an amalgamation of diverse cultures like Amerindian, Asian, African, Jewish, and Dutch. Although, the country has a small population; so many cultures staying harmoniously together makes this country a small cultural wonder. If you are planning an offbeat vacation then you must consider Suriname as your holiday destination.

Suriname is a country with immense tourist potential but because of its turbulent past the tourism industry did not get a chance to develop or bloom. Most of the parts of Suriname still remain unexplored. Suriname has mighty rivers which serve as a highway to the interiors, jungles, and dense rainforests of Suriname. The rainforests and jungles are homes to many wild animals. If you are an adventurous traveler then you are definitely going to love the experience. You can see several wild cats running past your feet. You can see a monkey jumping from one tree to another in search of some fruit. Huge termite nests are regular features of these jungles. You will also find the webs of the giant tarantula spider. If you still want to witness the wildness of the jungles then you may head towards the swamps where you will be greeted by the anacondas, crocodiles, boas, and piranhas. There are some travel operators who will take you around these jungles. While going to these jungles it is advisable to go in groups or with someone who is familiar with the jungles. You should also carry first aid with you in case of some emergency.

Paramaribo is the capital of Suriname and is situated by the Suriname River. It is also a port. The Dutch influence can be seen in its architecture as it happened to be a Dutch colony before becoming independent. The striking feature of this country is the peaceful co-existence of the diverse cultures. This is evident from the presence of a synagogue and the largest mosque of the country adjacent to each other. If you travel to Suriname you will feel as if you have visited several countries in one visit. People here celebrate different festivals, pray at different places of worship, speak different languages, follow different cultures, and have different lifestyles and yet live together as one nation happily and peacefully. Suriname teaches the world a lesson on harmony.

While traveling to Suriname you should not forget to visit the Galibi Nature Reserve. It is the favorite spot of the nature lovers. The highlight of this place is that you can see four types of sea turtle species which is a rare sight to find anywhere else in the world. If you plan your travel during the months of February and July then you will definitely be able to see them as this is the period when they nestle on the beaches.

This holiday travel to Suriname to have a different traveling experience.