Where to Scuba Dive in the Bahamas

Scuba Dive Bahamas

The Bahamas has 700 islands which cover around 259,000 square Kilometers throughout the western Atlantic Ocean. World class scuba diving has built an outstanding reputation for the islands of the Bahamas. You can find it all here drop-offs, coral gardens, shallow Sholes, blue hole and some very beautiful fishes that one has never seen. The amazingly clear waters of The Bahamas Islands are a diver’s dream.

The main islands where you can scuba dive are:

Paradise Island – From crystal clear and warm water to drop offs that are close to shore; water of Paradise Island is a paradise for scuba divers.

Grand Bahamas Island – Located at the east of Palm Beach, Florida. The Grand Bahamas island experiences little rainfall and is little humid. The place is on in all the seasons, you will find a great number of people turning here every year. They say it right “Scuba Diving is an addiction”.

Scuba Diving in Bimini – The warm waters of Bimini is filled with an incredible diversity of sea life. Snorkelers can also explore the wreck of the Sapona resting just below the surface.

All you need to know before scuba diving is that there is no guarantee that you’ll see dolphins, the sea is frequently rough and the diving is not cheap and a yellow fever vaccination certificate is required from travellers over 1 year of age travelling from infected areas.