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Rio Nightlife

Rio De Janeiro Brazil Nightlife – After you are through sight seeing for the day and you wan to go and dance the night away. Put on your favorite dance shoes and finest attire. Get out there and go to Bunker 94 or the Platforma where the music plays all night with lively rock and roll. Dance the Samba it’s the big thing in Rio. These two places are the happening places to be and we are sure you will have a great time.

Perhaps you were enjoying the beach for the day and just want to have a place to unwind and relax and have a drink. The famous bar Garota de Ipanema is the place that you need to go. You’ll enjoy the surroundings and still be near enough to the beach to walk along the shore.

If you are there during the Rio Carnaval then the streets, every street is the nightlife. It is just one big continuous party that you will simply adore. What if you want to just share a special night with the special someone in your life? Don’t worry Rio de Janeiro has that in the way of nightlife also. The Rhapsody is a nice romantic place. At Bar Lagoa you can watch the sunset and sip a wonderful glass of wine. You will have your places to pick from. There are so many restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs that you will have more trying to decide which one to got to. Try a few out in one night. Hop the bar scene. You’ll love it.

One thing is for sure you will have plenty of memories and lots to tell the people back home. There will be so many fun stories you can tell them so don’t waste any more time, book that Flight to Rio de Janeiro and get to the nightlife. Everywhere you look it’s a blast.

Bunker 94

Rua Raul Pompeia, 94


Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22080-000 Brazil

+55 21 25210367

At this club, Bunker 94 it is a happening place with music ranging from pop to rock and roll. You will dance the night away so dress up and get out there. This is a great place to meet other residents and tourists alike. Go on dance the night away.

Garota de Ipanema

Rua Vinicius de Morais, 49


Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22411-010 Brazil

+55 21 25233787

Garota de Ipanema is in the Zona Sul neighborhood and it is one of the most famous bars in Rio de Janeiro. It is a nice place to come after a day at the beach for relaxing and enjoying a nice meal and some drinks. Nice people, great place and good prices.


Rua Adalberto Ferreira, 32


Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22441-040 Brazil

+55 21 22744022

At the Plataforma after a wonderful meal you can dance the samba. In the Rio de Janeiro Samba is the big dance craze and it has plenty of followers. If you dance you’ll love this place. Put on your dancing shoes.


Av. Epitácio Pessoa, 1104


Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22471-000 Brazil

+55 21 22472104

The Rhapsody has dinner dancing in a piano bar style restaurant overlooking the Rodrigo de Freitas lake. This is the place to take your someone special for a romantic meal with nice music. Enjoy your evening and toast to the two of you enjoying your stay in Rio de Janeiro.

Bar do Arnaudo

Rua Almirante Alexandrino, 316

Santa Teresa

Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20241-260 Brazil

+55 21 22527246

At Bar do Arnaudo which is the oldest bar in the area come and have a drink. Sit back, kick up your feet so to speak and just take it easy. You can meet a lot of other travelers here and talk with some of the locals. Good food and nice place.

Esch Cafe

Rua Dias Ferreira, 78


Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22431-050 Brazil

+55 21 25125651

Now the Esch Café is interesting. Like a cigar store only it is a bar too. A lot of people go to this place to have a great time because it’s the hippest place in Rio. Everyone and anyone goes there so if you like to be seen get down there. It is the place to be.

Lord Jim Pub

Rua Paul Redfern, 63


Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22410-080 Brazil

+55 21 2259 3047

The Lord Jim Pub is a great place to get an English Tea and if you like darts they have championships too. Nice little place to get a great bite to eat and have a few drinks in a nice comfortable setting writer. Good to meet others and mingle with the crowd.

Bar Lagoa

Avenida Epitácio Pessoa, 1674


Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22411-070 Brazil

+55 21 25231135

From Bar Lagoa you can watch the sunset while you have a drink. Romantic and quiet this is another place you’ll want to take someone special to. Have a nice meal, enjoy great entertainment, have a nice glass of wine and watch the sunset. What more could you ask for?