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Rio Museum

Rio De Janeiro Brazil Museums – The cultural aspects of Rio de Janeiro are awesome. There are many museums and interesting cultural exhibits all through the city, be sure to stop and see as many as you can. The area is rich in cultural settings and they are proud of that. It is said that Rio de Janeiro is visited by over 2,000,000 tourists in a one year period. The people that visit the Rio de Janeiro all love the culture of the area as well as the scenery and a lot of them return again and again calling it their home away from home.

Be sure to take an afternoon and see the Museum of Modern Art with its collection of 4,000 paintings and the National Historic Museum with its cultural exhibits. You could spend hours just looking and learning about all the exhibits that are displayed. The Botanical Garden also offers a very cultural afternoon. With 141 acres of beautiful Brazilian plant life you will be very pleased. At the Museu Naval e Oceanográfico you will learn all about the history of Rio de Jainero which is very interesting to say the least.

There are so many Museums in Rio de Janeiro and we couldn’t list them all. Please try to get to see as many as you can. They are all fine establishments and offer gift shops so you can purchase some souvenirs and places to dine in also. With all that Rio de Janeiro has to offer you’ll want lots of things to remember it by.

Museum of Modern Art

Av. Infante Dom Henrique, 85

Aterro do Flamengo

Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20021-140 Brazil

+55 21 22102188

The Museum of Modern Art has more than 4,000 pieces in its collections of beautiful paintings.

National Historic Museum

Rua Marechal Âncora, s/n


Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20021-200 Brazil

+55 21 22205450

Spend the afternoon seeing all the exhibits in the national Historic Museum.

Museu Naval e Oceanográfico

Rua Dom Manuel, 15


Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20010-090 Brazil

+55 21 25337626

At the Museu Naval e Oceanográfico enjoy some of the history of Rio de Janeiro.

Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens offers some very pleasing sights to the eyes.

Museu do Açude

Estrada do Açude, 764

Alto da Boa Vista

Rio de Janeiro, RJ 20531-330 Brazil

+55 21 22380368

Museu do Índio

Rua das Palmeiras, 55


Rio de Janeiro, RJ 22270-070 Brazil

+55 21 22868799

The Museu do Indio is a museum that was once housed by Native Indians.