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Rio De Janeiro Brazil Hotel – With so much to do in the area the city of Rio realizes the need for many hotels for the visitors to stay at. You will have your choices of hundreds of hotels in the area. Depending on how much you would like to spend we have some you might consider. At the top of the line there is the Copacabana Palace Hotel with room ranging from $305.00-$410.00 per night which is located close to all of Rio’s nightlife. That’s fantastic for you, close to the fun. This is a five star hotel and you’ll receive excellent service and luxury rooms. Another fine choice is the Rio Othon Palace. Their rooms range in price from $300.00-$380.00 per night. On the Copacabana beach a stay at the Sofitel Rio Palace offers rooms from $290.00-$310.00 per night and in the day you can practically roll out the door to the beach.

A little lower on the price range is the Caesar Park Hotel Ipanema has accommodations from $263.93 per night and is located two blocks from the shopping district. Enjoy being close to some of the finest stores in the country. The Sheraton Rio Hotel & Towers has rooms from $130.00 per night and is a five star hotel and is an excellent choice. Now, in Rio there are also some room rates that are extremely low. If you would like to stay at the Astoria, a contemporary little hotel from $28.00-$35.00 per night or the Florida Hotel located right on the beach has rooms from $16.00-$18 per night, wisata maluku.

Copacabana Palace Hotel

from $305.00-$410.00 /night

Ave Atlantica 1702

Rio de Janeiro, 22021-001 Brazil


Copacabana Palace Hotel is a 5 star hotel and is close to all of Rio’s nightlife.

Rio Othon Palace

from $300.00-$380.00 /night

Ave Atlantica 3264

Rio de Janeiro, 20070-001 Brazil

Phone: 21-2525-1522

Stay at the Rio Othon Palace for fantastic service and great rooms.

Sofitel Rio Palace

from $290.00-$310.00 /night

Ave Atlantica 4240, Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro, 22070-002 Brazil


On the Copacobana beach a stay at the Sofitel Rio Palace is top notch.

Caesar Park Hotel Ipanema

from $263.93 /night

Ave Vieira Souto 460

Rio de Janeiro, 22460-000 Brazil


Caesar Park Hotel Ipanema is only two blocks from the shopping areas.

InterContinental Hotel Rio

from $230.00-$260.00 /night

Av Prefeito Mendes de Morais 222

Rio de Janeiro, 22610-090 Brazil


InterContinental Hotel Rio

InterContinental Hotel Rio has everything you need for a luxury stay in Rio.

Sheraton Rio Hotel & Towers

from $130.00 /night

Avda Niemeyer, 121

Rio de Janeiro, 22450-220 Brazil


On Leblon beach Sheraton Rio Hotel & Towers is a 5 star hotel.

Excelsior Copacabana Hotel

from $121.03 /night

Ave Atlantica 1800

Rio de Janeiro, 22021-001 Brazil

21-2545-6000Nearest Train: Central

Excelsior Copacabana Hotel awaits you in Rio and is only 14 minutes from the airport.

Astoria Hotel

from $28.00-$35.00 /night

Rua Republica do Peru 345


Rio de Janeiro, 22 021-040 Brazil


Astoria is a contemporary hotel with low rates.

Hotel Angrense

from $26.52-$91.48 /night

Travessa Angrense 25


Rio de Janeiro, 22050-020 Brazil


Hotel Angrense is located two miles from the beach.


from $16.00-$18.00 /night

69/81 Ferreira Viana St, Catete

Rio de Janeiro, 22210 Brazil

Phone: 21-2245-8160

Florida Hotel has low rates and is located on the beach.