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Rio De Janeiro Brazil Flight – The airport that services the Rio de Janeiro area is called Rio de Janeiro-Galeão (Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport) (GIG). One of the major industries in Rio de Janeiro is tourism. Over 2 million people come to visit Rio every year. The airport is adept at handling passengers. The area has been ranked as one of the top destinations in the world, so you can feel comfortable flying in and out of Rio.

You will want to contact you travel agent for special rates and packages on the Flights to Rio de Janeiro. During certain times there are numerous package deals that offer great specials. Some include airfare, ground transportation and hotel stays, especially during the time of “Carnaval”. It starts the Friday before Ash Wednesday and lasts about five days. Many of the packages also include admission to some of the attractions in the area.

If you are online you can also find many great rates by shopping the different airlines for the lowest fares. Due to the large competition in the airline industry you can get some very Good Airfares if you can go at specific or down periods during the year. Off season can get you some very low fares. Staying for a certain amount of time and leaving on particular days can also get you reduced rate so be sure to ask your travel agent what the latest specials are.

Once you arrive in Rio de Janeiro the airport is filled with restaurants, banks and shops. You will have everything you need to make entering the city enjoyable. There are shuttles offered to your hotels and taxi service is also available. If you should need any assistance for any reason the information desk at the Rio de Janeiro-Galeão (Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport) (GIG) can help you or at least steer you in the proper direction.