Rio De Janeiro Brazil Culture – Rio De Janeiro Culture

Rio Culture

Rio De Janeiro Brazil Culture – It has museums, theatres and cuisine, shops and discos. Rio de Janeiro is a very cultural area. People from all over the world come to the Rio de Janeiro area to enjoy the finest culture on the continent with its many museums and galleries, shopping is excellent especially in the jewelry industry and its huge variety of restaurants and bars. This is truly a cultural capitol of the world. With its shows, ballets, orchestras and operas it is clearly a fantastic city of the arts.

During Carnaval, which begins the Friday before Ash Wednesday, it is a huge party. Parades have dancers in brightly colored costumes and singing and dancing of the Samba is rampant. It’s a good time Rio. Celebrating their happiness. This is Rio’s big fanfare. All of the people in the area get together to have a great time. New Years Eve is also known as one of the biggest parties of the world in the streets of Rio de Janeiro. Costume parties galore. You are in for the even of your lifetime if you visit the Rio de Janeiro area at either of these times.

With the people of the land there is much culture in the way they speak, Portuguese and their mannerisms. They are very friendly and will help with anything you may need. Theirs is a carefree and worrisome lifestyle and most of them love the beach. It is there they grew up and the sun is their fun. As you talk with some of the natives that becomes very clear from the beginning. That’s why so many people make Rio de Janeiro their home as well as visitors call it their home away from home. They keep coming back again and again to savour the flavor of the lifestyle of the breathtaking beaches, cultural variety and intense nightlife. This is a town you won’t every forget.