Rio De Janeiro Brazil Airport – Rio De Janeiro Airport

Rio Airport

Rio De Janeiro Brazil Airport – The airport that services the Rio de Janeiro area is called Rio de Janeiro-Galeão (Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport) (GIG). One of the major industries in Rio de Janeiro is tourism. Over 2 million people come to visit Rio every year. The airport is adept at handling passengers. The area has been ranked as one of the top destinations in the world, so you can feel comfortable flying in and out of Rio.

At the Rio de Janeiro-Galeão (Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport) (GIG) there are two terminals. In terminal 1 there are money facilities, eating and dining and shopping and a post office. In terminal 2 are the rental care agencies and other facilities. Whatever you are in need of or realized that you forgot on the plane then you can purchase it in the airport. The shops have everything your could possibly need for your trip and then some. The airport is like a small city and it has everything that you might need when you get off your plane in Rio de Janeiro.

It’s fantastic to visit and to live there so a lot of people from other parts of Brazil Travel to Rio de Janeiro regularly. It’s a busy airport and there are bus and shuttle services, taxis and limousines that can take you to your hotel if you did not rent a car. Whatever you are need of all you have to do is ask at the information desk in the airport and they will be happy to assist you. Id you prefer to look up your own help there are computerized terminals at the help desk also. There are hotels right in the airport too if you are in need of a room so there is nothing at all to worry about when you take a flight into Rio’s airport.