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Rio Transport

Rio De Janeiro Brazil Transport – The public transportation in Rio de Janeiro is by bus and is by far the most popular form of transportation in the city. It is cheap and effective. The fare is less than $2.00. There are bus lines that connect the whole city and which makes it a very desirable means of travelling from place to place.

Rio has a Subway System to get from one point to another. It is $1.50 one way and it stops running at 11:00 pm. It is safe and reliable, but it is smaller than other subways.

Walking is one way to get around because most of the Attractions are on the South Side of town. You can pretty much get to the beaches, attractions and restaurants on foot and is how most prefer to sightsee. You can see a lot of sights while you are walking than you can being driven around. The choice is up to you.

There are also Yellow Taxis that are another means of transportation around the city. If you need one they are easy to catch and they run by the meter. The fare is $2.70 and goes up from there.

Renting a Car is not advisable since driving through the city is very difficult. There are however three rental cars at the airport. They are Hertz, Avis and Lacaliza. The most practical use for renting a car while you are in Rio would be to get back and for the to the airport not to go sight seeing. Tourists usually end up getting terribly lost, so if you cannot hire a driver then the bus is the best way to travel. But if you do need to rent a car it is advisable that you have a parking lot in your hotel to avoid getting parking tickets.